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Salem Live black goat

Salem Black goats are distributed in north-western agro climatic zone of Tamil Nadu and are reared mainly for meat. The name “Salem Black” has been derived from its place of origin and coat colour. The name Salem has been derived from the place called Salem (i.e., Salem districts of Tamil Nadu), where this breed has been actually originated.

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Live Kodi Adu Goat

The Kodi Adu goat of southern Tamil Nadu, India, is raised mainly for meat, with skin as an important by-product.

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Kilakarisal Sheep

Nellore sheep are found in Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar, Madurai and Dindigul districts of Andhra Pradesh but it is distributed in Trichy,Tamilnadu. They are tall animals with little hair except at brisket, withers and breech. Brown/ dark tan in colour with black bottom on head belly and legs. Medium sized ears. Males have thick twisted horns. Most animals have wattle.

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