Introducing Salem Back Goat

Since, this breed is completely black in colour; called as Salem Black goats. It has synonym viz., Karuppuadu. They are mainly distributed in Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri and adjoining areas of Erode and Namakkal districts. Salem Black goats with true-to-type are present in Mettur and Omalur taluks of Salem district as well as Pennagaram, Palakkodu and Harur taluks of Dharmapuri district.

Breed Characters

Salem Black goats are tall animals with lean body and the coat colour is completely black in colour. The head is medium in length with medium to broad forehead. The ears are medium in size, leaf like and semi-pendulous. In adults, both males and females have horns and they are ash grey to grey in colour with no typical horn pattern. They have long, lean and straight legs squarely set under the body. The hooves and dewclaws are grey in colour. The tail is thin, medium in length and curled upwards. Males have fairly long, straight and rough hairs on the neck and withers and all other parts have short and soft hairs.

Avg Physical Measurements

HEIGHT (AVG CM) 80.1 73.6
BODY LENGTH (AVG CM) 70.2 67.1
WEIGHT (AVG KG) 38.16 31.58

Main Use

Meat of this breed is considered to be very tasty compared to other goats and local preference is totally for chevon from this breed

Visible Characteristics

Salem black goats are tall, long, lean and leggy animals with compact body. Head is medium in length. The eyes are small and bright and the eyelashes are black in colour. The ears are medium in length, leaf-like and semi-pendulous. Neck is thick, broad and well set to the thorax in males.