Introducing Kilakarsal or Kilakarisal Sheeps

Kilakarsal or Kilakarisal Kilakarsal sheep are found in the the Ramnad, Madurai and Tanjore districts of Tamil Nadu Brown/ dark tan in colour with black spots on head belly and legs. Medium sized ears. Males have thick twisted horns. Most animals have wattle.

Breed Characteristics

Animals of this breed have dark tan coat dorsally with black colouration in the ventral region especially in the under belly and inner side of legs. A black colour is also noticed above the eyelids on either side and along the lower jaw. Rams have well developed twisted horns and the ewes are polled . Horns are grey, flat and length that range from 13 to 32 cm depending on the age. Ears are medium in length (10 to 12 cm) and semi pendulous in nature. Short tail (6-8 cm) tapering towards the free end and is having small sized udder, its presence could clearly be noticed without handling the ewes,

Average Bdy Weight

Adult male average body weight 29kg. Adult female average body weight 22kg.

My skills

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